Lake Nasser Cruises – Cruise One Of The Largest Man-Made Lakes In The World

Lake Nasser Cruise in Abu Simbel is an experience so convincing & compelling that no one can’t give it a miss while enjoying in this old and magical land of Egypt. Cruising along the charming Lake Nassar and enjoy the outstanding blend of nature’s beauty and ancient wonders, in a quiet & serene environment. The largest man-made lake in the entire world like Lake Nasser was built as a result of the Aswan High Dam in the region previously known as ‘Nubia’. As the high waters of the dam dying out to destroy the priceless temples and ancient artefacts around the lake, a range of temples and tombstones were transferred to the shores in order to save the ocular treats and make them reachable to hundreds of visitors who come to enjoy the Lake Nasser Cruises in Egypt’s Abu Simbel.

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Let’s just find out what these types of Egypt Cruise liners have in store for us. Just check it out:-

Ms Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise

Ms Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise.jpg

The purpose of naming “Eugenie” to this Egypt’s cruise liner was an attempt to reminding the historic event in Egypt’s recent past and that was none other than the opening of the Suez Canal in the year of 1869 that was also attended by the crown heads of Europe including the Empress Eugenie of France.

Thus, in the same way, Eugenie as the first ship that sails Lake Nasser & launching a new era of tourism by offering holiday-makers fresh panoramic views of Egypt’s natural beauty and archaeological treasures.

Thus, Ms Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise liner was constructed in 1993. For people, who are the first-time sailors of this ship will be happy to know that this ship has 52 cabins including two luxurious suites to provide the maximum comfort and pleasure. Moreover, each and every cabin is attached with a bathroom, shower, washbasin as well as the hairdryer.

Egypt Lake Nasser Cruises like Eugenie also have facilities like sauna, steam bath, exercise equipment, sun-decks, a swimming pool, air-conditioner as well as a state of the art water filtration system.

MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Ship

MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Ship.jpg

MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Ship is a five-star deluxe cruise that was named after the ancient citadel of Lake Nasser and also the only Nubian monument that still exists in its original location. In the same way, this cruise ship provides a larger-than-life setting for all the international travellers while honouring the citadel as a durable and time-tested link with Egypt’s distant past.

The service provided in this cruise ship is very thoughtful and friendly. Even the food cuisine is excellent.  The interiors of this ship reflect the classic art deco style of the 1920s.

Besides that, the ship is 79 metres long with 55 cabins for the passengers possessing the maximum comfort. Apart from all that, this ship has ten luxurious suites containing seven junior suites, two royal suites & one imperial suite. Thus, all these suites have bathrooms attached with Jacuzzi, shower, washbasin & hair dryer.

Last, but not least, this ship has some other facilities like roomy lounge areas, restaurants & bars. Furthermore, you will also find a sheltered area such as mosaic-lined swimming pool, deckchairs to make the most of the relaxed luxury such as sauna, steam bath, exercise tools & equipment & fully air-conditioned cabin rooms and suites.

MS Nubian Sea Lake Cruise Lake Nasser

MS Nubian Sea Lake Cruise Lake Nasser.jpg

There are some other Lake Nasser Cruises such as Nubian Sea Lake Cruise that has 69 cabins including four suites with air-conditioning systems, shower, Ensuite facilities as well as internal telephone and radio.

Additionally, the cabins have a lot more than just having a window. It has two satellite television channels, individually controlled air-conditioning system, spacey bathrooms attached with a shower & hairdryer.

In addition to all that, the pool and sundeck area is conveniently situated in front of the cruise.

Apart from lounge areas and bars, it also has nightclubs, outdoor swimming pool and covered outside restaurants.

Ms Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Cruise

Ms Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Cruise.jpg

Ms Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Cruise liner was rewarded as the ‘best floating vessel’ on Lake Nasser in 2007 by the Egyptian ministry of tourism itself that plies the calm & serene waters of Lake Nasser & has recently been modernized to supply additional comfort & facilities. Besides that, this cruise liner also possesses the most stylish & classy navigational tools, equipment and stabilizers.

Furthermore, this vessel also provides magnificence & matchless Swiss hospitality to its passengers for a timeless journey through the legends of Nubia.

In addition to all that this five-star cruise ship also has wonderful facilities like three meal restaurant as well as a greenery group for small groups.

It also has sundeck bar, salon deck, plunge pool and whirlpool for water-based entertainment for both kids & adults.

Tourists who are enjoying the Lake Nasser Cruises will get the opportunity to live like a king or queen while sailing through the man-made lake. Every passenger on these cruise liners will get a unique royal treatment that will force him or her to sail the cruise on the next tour. In order to know more about these cruise liners, please visit us @ Egypt Online Tours for more information or to book for these unique lake cruise tours.


5 Top Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh For An Easy Day Trips

Sharm El-Sheikh is the Sinai Peninsula’s major tourism centre known for underwater activities galore. Considered as the underwater wonders of the Red Sea, it is an ideal blip to the desert marvels of Egypt like the pyramids and tombs. Blessed with clear azure water and some par excellence diving spots, Sharm El Sheikh is visited by tourists on a day excursion basis to cap off their Egyptian tour.

Sharm El Sheikh Excursion

A thing to note is that Sharm is huge and there are a lot of things to do and explore which can form a standalone tour in themselves. So if you’re taking Sharm El Sheikh Excursion as part of your Egypt Day Tour, you’ll lack the time and have to skim across the offerings. Here are our top five picks which are deemed best that Sharm has to offer.

  • Ras Mohammed National Park
Ras Mohammed National Park

Located just 12 km from the city of Sharm El Sheikh, the Ras Mohammed National Park is situated on the southern extreme of the disputed Sinai Peninsula. The park was purposely constructed to protect the diverse coral reef from the extensive fishing going on in the area. Covering an area of 480 sq km, there are numerous things for tourists to enjoy in this park. The ecology of this area is splendid as it is home to more than 1,000 fish species which includes 40 different types of starfish, 25 distinct turtle species, and 220 coral species. Scuba diving and snorkelling being the main highlight of this park, the mountain and desert ranges provide ample opportunities for hiking, trekking, and off-road trips.

  • Naama Bay
Naama Bay

A tourist hotspot and one of the main destinations in Sharm El Sheikh Excursion trips, Naama Bay is profound for its nightlife with an excellent number of restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, and spas. Major food chains like Hard Rock Cafe, KFC, McDonald’s have their presence in this place, thus making it ideal for western tourists. Its closeness to the beach means there are a number of scuba diving spots which accommodate lively coral reef. It is a must-visit when you’re in Sharm or Egypt Day Tour.

  • Jolanda Reef
Jolanda Reef

A one-of-a-kind diving spot, Jolanda (or, Yolanda) was previously a cargo ship built for commercial purposes and was in operation from 1965 to 1980. In one of its voyages, it met with an accident against one of the reefs in Ras Mohammed and sank. Spending undisturbed underground led to the development of a unique marine ecosystem around the ship which has now become a crowd -favourite diving spot. Photographers, divers, and tourists alike are drawn to the wreck site to get a glimpse of the reef.

  • Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef

Ras Um Sid Beach and ReefRas Um Sid is a small peninsula located in between Sharm El Sheikh and Naama Bay which is frequented by avid snorkelers. Famous for its mesmerizing underwater coral wall, the presence of clownfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, and starfish adorn the ecosystem and make it unique.

  • Shark’s Bay
Shark's Bay

A centre of folklore and undisturbed Egyptian nature, the Shark’s Bay is among the most relaxing tourist spots in Sharm El Sheikh with a tranquil atmosphere. It is named so as there were sharks inhabiting the bay but is not seen anymore. In place of them, you’re going to find picturesque coral reef and marine life.

With that said, when you’re in Sharm, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these five destinations and explore as many sites as possible. To book a complete Sharm El Sheikh Excursion package, kindly Contact Us and one of our representatives will get back to you with the required information.



The Nile was the lifeline of ancient Egyptian civilization. Submerge yourself in its mystical charms and discover the fascinating history behind it. By sailing down the Nile, you are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.


Yup you can, of course, fly to different parts of Egypt and see the tourist locations in Egypt Nile Cruises for yourself but that involves packing, unpacking, moving baggage, fly, then by road, then to the hotel.

Egypt Nile Cruises



How about a Hotel that moves with you for your complete journey? Shows you each and every place along the Nile, stops at a place, you get to interact with local merchants, sip cool mock tails during the day while seeing the blue water of the Nile, watch attractions along the route from your personal cabin, dine under the stars with your fiancé, enjoy entertainment, Wi-Fi and what not and that too at a price cheaper than airfare.

Well, no one can deny that isn’t it?


Egypt leaving aside the area around the Nile is basically a desert. So it is very hot during the month of April to AUGUST. The temperature is severe nearly 40 degrees. Its hotter inside the tombs and near the pyramids. And Egypt being as the desert has got very less shady trees.

The best time to book the cruises is during the winter season that’s from October to MARCH. The weather is cool, Sunshine is not particularly strong, Clear skies. Just perfect for a ride along the NILE.

Egypt Season



The Egypt Nile Cruise ship in most cases set sails from Aswan to Luxor. on the route, you can visit the High Dam, Obelisk that’s still not finished, and the temple of Philae in Aswan. The docking points along the route are Ombo, Edfu & Esna.

After reaching Luxor you can see the

  • Valley of the Kings
  • Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Valley of the Queens
  • Temples at Luxor
  • Temples at Karnak
  • Botanical Island
  • An ancient Nubian Village
  • Elephantine Island
  • Tombs of the Nobles
  • Abu Simbel
Egypt Vacation


This comprises everything right from sail from LUXOR to ASWAN & THEN FROM Aswan to Luxor. This promises a very much relaxing trip.


Luxor is in most Egypt Nile Cruise Holidays the starting point & the gateway to the Nile valley. Cairo is the main junction from where you can reach Luxor. The distance is about 650 km. You can take a flight which takes about 1 hour from Cairo International Airport. The Train travel is cheaper & comfortable than road but takes more time. Via road, it takes about 6-7 hrs by private car or Bus but in the train, it takes about 8-9 hours. Then upon reaching Luxor you can contact any pre-booked cruise operator & then Set sail.

Cairo international Airport



Nile cruises have a lot of entertainment options ranging from discotheques to belly dance shows, to fancy galabia parties & even Nubian folk shows. Every boat/cruise tries to outmatch another in terms of entertainment.

Some cruises have cocktail parties where you can get free drinks. Some have galabia parties where you need to wear local Egyptian outfits. Some very big cruises do have casinos & poker/blackjack tables. But most don’t have them.

Egypt Entertainment



The food offered on the cruise is often very lavish. Many cruises have several Egypt Hotels to cater to the on-board passengers.  The breakfast and lunch in most cases are an open buffet.  One can have an awesome breakfast while watching over the water of the Nile. The dinners in most cruises are a la carte. Many choices are provided including a range of choices for the vegetarian passengers. Tea / Coffee and other beverages are provided time to time.

Egypt Hotels


Most cruises also have a lounge bar. After a long tiring day, one can relax and sip on their favourite drink. One can dance or simply enjoy the breath-taking view of the Nile.


  • On Trips To Monuments –

Desert can be very hot in the day so light clothes are recommended. But can be chilly in the night so warm clothes too should be taken. Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country and a very conservative one The dress code must be flowed according to the local laws. Women should not wear shorts or any translucent see-through garments. If inside the mosques, both men and women should wear full clothes.

Egypt Dress Code
  • On The Cruise –

While at the parties on the cruise people can wear whatever they like with no restrictions in most cases.

Luxury + History + Fun + Blue Nile = A very memorable vacation

Witness a once in a life time experience with this amazing trip to the heart of Egypt Excursions, and take the Nile River Cruise. Book your finest holiday trip with most renowned tour It is the best possible way to witness the unbelievable ruins of Ancient Egypt and modern life together in the banks of the Nile, which has brought life to Egypt for eras.

7 Activities You Get to Experience In Your Hurghada Excursions

Top Activities You Get to Experience In Your Hurghada Excursions

The beautiful city of Hurghada is located on the banks of the Red Sea in Egypt. This is also one of the most frequently visited places in North Africa and in Egypt as well. Regarded as one of the best beach resort towns in Egypt, Hurghada has always been a spectacular destination for tourists from all over the world. From what used to be a small fishing village, Hurghada has now transformed into a thriving holiday destination which offers wider range of activities to do. Our Hurghada Excursions trip take you through some of the must see sites in Hurghada to some of the significant places located outside of the city. In the city itself, you’ll be get to enjoy plethora of activities.

Huguda Excursions

The Top Activities You Get To Enjoy In Hurghada Excursion:

1. Scuba Diving In The Red Sea

Scuba diving is now ever famous in Hurghada Excursions and has lately emerged as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Diversity in reefs coupled with clear water make the diving experience even more appealing. Sha`b Abu Nuhas where the wrecks of the ships are underwater make up for good diving spot for even the most inexperienced divers.

Red Scuba Diving

The marine life you can spot include turtles, stingrays, lion fishes, Barracudas et cetera. Then a bit far from there is the Rosalie Moller Wreck which is a bit too deep than the former wreck site. Apart from that, the other Hurghada Scuba Diving spots are:

  • Giannis D
  • Carnatic Wreck
  • Chrisoula K. Wreck
  • Kimon M. Wreck
  • Salem Express Wreck
  • Dolphin Reef

You can also take snorkelling tours to Giftun Island which is few kilometers off the coast of Hurghada reachable by boat.

2. Shopping in El Dahar, Hurghada

Hughada has got numerous shopping malls, shops, markets, and where you can buy literally anything. El Dahar in the old down town area of Hurghada which has sevenl shops selling souvenir items where you can pick up some presents for your friends and family back home.

3. Eating and Drinking in Hurghada

Eating and Drinking in Hurghada

Besides the shopping centers, there are numerous Hurghada Hotels and food courts too where you can enjoy delicious local and international cuisine. There are already major restaurant chains like McDonalds, KFC, Hard Rock Cafe etc.

4. Giza Pyramids, Cairo Museum Tour from Hurghada

Giza Pyramids

Cairo Tour from Hurghada by flight, Amazing full day tour, Daily excursions from Hurghada to visit Cairo Attractions, We offer you best service and price for all Hurghada tours.

5. Private Quadbiking Trip from Hurghada

In Hurghada, you’ll get to enjoy Quad Biking Trip from Hurghada to Bedouin Village. Travel through the sand dunes and zip across the sand to the village of Bedoiun where nomadic Arab groups awaits you for a cultural tour. The trip from Hurghada to Bedouin Village is somewhere between three to five hours driving in 4X4 vehicles.

6. Moses Mount & St. Catherine Monastery from Hurghada

In our Hurghada excursion tour, take a trip to Moses Mountain or Mount Sinai and to St. Catherine Monastery, to climb the mountain where, according to mythology, Mose spoke to God. St. Catherine Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world that is still in existence. Both of these will provide you a wonderful spiritual experience.

7. Al-Mahmya, Hurghada

Al-Mahmeya is on the National Park of Giftun Island and in Arabic means ‘protected’. This is a beach resort which is completely environmentally friendly allowing visitors to enjoy a wide range of activities from swimming with dolphins, boat trips and snorkelling.


There’s no doubt Hurghada is the number one recreational destination for many tourists worldwide and that the refreshing atmosphere is palpable once you set foot in this city. From beautiful beaches where you can spend your days to adventurous water sports and scuba diving sites to a quad biking excursion across the Sahara, Hurghada fulfils its promise of providing an excellent holiday of a lifetime.

Egypt Online Tours Team loves serving you the best service since we understand the value of scheduling a trip to the best place. We treat you in a way so you feel amazing and would love adding great and memorable moments to your journey. If you are going to schedule a lovely journey then Just click on and you would be responded with the quote and other information immediately. Then choose your desired package and start travelling with us. Follow us Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Contact us today for organizing Hurghada Excursion and get a free quote today!

7 Things That Surprised Traveller About Egyptian Travel

Egypt Tour


Traveling to Egypt is definitely something that invokes a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Millions of people each year visit Egypt and get to see its truly invaluable offerings like monuments, artifacts et cetera. But as is the case with many other things, not everything is known about Egypt and Egyptian travel to everyone. This blog states and explains seven insider things learned from tour operators like us and travelers that often surprise travelers who Travel To Egypt for the first time.

Introduction About Egypt:

Egypt was one of the world’s first nation-states that emerged as early as 10th millennial BC evidently as a settlement along the fertile land of River Nile. The 3,000-year history of Egypt is both long and complex which leaves visitors baffled. Even the location of this country seems to puzzle tourists. Often it is mistaken for being situated in the Middle while it is a northeast African country. To be precise, it is a transcontinental country which stretches from northeast of Africa to southwest Asia.

Considered as a cradle of civilization, the Ancient Egyptians made significant strides in the development of agriculture, religion, writing, urbanisation, and architecture all of which is evident from the numerous monuments preserved in Egypt. It can be referred to as a desert nation and in Egypt Desert Safari you explore the part of Sahara Desert and Libyan Desert which combinedly constitute 20% of its total land. What’s surprising is that 99% of Egyptians share only 5.5% of the total land area mostly along the River Nile delta leaving the rest of the land almost deserted.

But even though it has got tremendous amount of Attractions In Egypt for travellers to see, the political unrest and revolutions coupled with terrorism leave a room for hesitation and scepticism among tourists to Travel To Egypt. But as we’ve discussed in the points below, the decision making process shouldn’t be all that hard at all and Egypt is after all a safe and wonderful place to travel. We, at Egypt Online Tours, take pride in facilitating Egypt Tours and travels and provide top-class service and satisfaction.

Below are the 7 surprising facts which also serve as Egyptian travel tips

1. It’s not as dangerous as you think it is

After going through dozens of news articles about the political violence in Egypt, it seems logical to skip Egypt signing it off as a dangerous destination.

Egypt saftey


But only after landing in this mystic land exploring its perplexing architectures you’ll get to know how safe the country actually is. By taking some precautions and keeping up to date with the governmental warnings, you’ll be just fine as you will be in any other destination in US or Europe.

2. The kids especially are incredibly friendly

When you land in Egypt and roam around the corners, expect to be approached by kids and occasionally elders for pictures and selfies. At any major tourist sites like Alexandria or Cairo, school and college kids often like to talk to outsiders and ask tourists, and in some cases even invite home for dinner.


Egypt Kid Tours


People in lesser known towns too will approach you with same enthusiasm. Part of this is explained by the fact that tourism numbers were too low in the past few years, but is increasingly steadily. Hence people in Egypt are excited to see more visitors now.

3. Cairo is chaos incarnate

It would be fair to use Cairo and chaos interchangeably as the city of Cairo is as chaotic as one could get. With a population close to 9.5 million, the city always seem crowded with people rushing in every direction often times breaking traffic rules, constantly honking vehicles, people jumping in and out of buses in the middle of the roads, motor vehicles and donkey carts all of the same lane. Nevertheless, that’s part of the fun of Cairo Tours.


cairo tour


4. The food is unique and tasty

Egyptian food


Egyptian cuisine is mainly distinguished by Eastern Mediterranean region which includes rice, vegetables, lentils, koftas, and meat. Kushari or Koshary is called the national dish of Egypt which is rice mixed with pasta, lentils, chickpeas, topped with onion and tomato sauce. It can be found in every other restaurant in Egypt for as low as $1 for a bowl.

5.Tipping is expected – for everything

You’re expected to pay a tip (referred to as baksheesh) for every service rendered, albeit not explicitly asked for. From the porter that brings in your luggage to the waiter that serves you, you’ve to pay at least 2 to 3 Egyptian Pounds every time.

Egypt Tipping


6. All the ancient sites are 10x better in real life

Egypt has done a terrific job of preserving its ancient monuments and they are so much better when you see them up close right in front of you. They’re huge and at the same time marvelously built. Egypt Sightseeing Tours give chance to seeing them in real life and in the books is indeed so much different.



7. It’s not the Western world

  • Egypt is still a second-world country where life goes at a much slower pace. So a five star Egypt Accommodation won’t be like a five star accommodation in Europe, nor will be the services and quality but it will give you an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.
  • Egypt Accomodation


It’d be so much of a wise decision to get a local guide or Egyptologist with you on your travel tour as opposed to traveling independently as you’ll be getting so much knowledge about the intricate details about the structures that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Moreover, he/she will guide you in every other task as per the local custom which will keep you out of trouble.

On the Contrary, the one thing which is not surprised travelers is:

So with the above seven lesser known travel tips, you’re very much well equipped to get a better clarity over Egypt and its offerings and what you should and should not expect from the tour. We at Egypt Online Tours undertake it as our duty to provide the safest and the most fulfilling Egypt and Cairo tour experience. Kindly send us a mail at or to inquire more about our packages.

Looking To Book A Egypt Vacation For The First Time?

Doing something for the first time is always a thrilling experience. You keep on picturing in your head how everything is going to plan out, only to later find out how nonsensical all of those thoughts really were (especially if you were ill prepared). Venturing into something new comes at its own risk. You do a lot of online research, talk to people who’ve been there, read reviews and then finally go into the abyss. But at the end of the day, it’s their experience on a different day, on a different set of conditions, with different group of people. But today it’s you who is doing something for the very first time.

Egypt which is one of the most interesting, enigmatic, and beautiful places in the world is usually high on the bucket list of every other travel junkie. If the above statement matches the likes of yours and you’re planning to visit this fascinating land for the first time anytime soon, then this short guide detailing the nitty-gritty on Egypt Excursions is devoted to you.

Arriving in Egypt

The best way to go to Egypt is via flights, albeit cruise ships are still an option. After the inauguration of the first airport of Almaza, which was formerly a military airport base, in Cairo, the country has made significant strides and there is an international airport with multiple terminals at every major city. Direct flights now run from cities like New York, London, Melbourne etc.

Sightseeing in Egypt

While Pyramid of Giza and River Nile are the most talked about and visited Top Holiday Destinations In Egypt, there’s ton load of other sightseeing options.

Egypt Vacation

  • Great Pyramid of Giza. Probably what most people think all that Egypt is, the iconic Pyramid of Giza which is a pyramid complex is the last surviving Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • Egyptian Museum. Also known as Museum of Cairo, it is home to an exquisite collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in Egyptian Museum which are more than 120,000 in number.
  • Luxor’s Karnak Temple. Located along river bank of Nile, it has a glut of tourist attractions including Luxor Nile Cruise Holiday and temples that comprise the biggest open air museum in the world.
  • Abu Simbel Temple. This is a great temple adorned with magnificent statuary standings which resemble guards of the vast temple. The interior of the place is equally beautiful which are decorated with wall paintings.
  • Kom Ombo Temple. It is a double temple constructed in 180-47 BC with numerous perplexing wall arts and paintings.
  • Philae Temple (Temple of Isis). Philae is an island in the middle of River Nile where it accommodates a magnificent temple in honor of Goddess Isis. The temple accommodates about quarter of the island.
  • Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar. If you need some oriental shopping experience, head to this bazaar where you’ll find colossal amount of things to purchase.
  • South Sinai. Egypt’s center for some beach fun, the clear water and white sand beaches make an excellent beaching and Red Sea Scuba Diving.

 Accommodation in Egypt

The tourism infrastructure of Egypt is in the fifth gear with their Luxurious Egypt Accommodations. There are some world-class hotels and resorts in every major city. Some major five-star hotels in Egypt are:

  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh
  • JW Marriot
  • InterContinental Cairo
  • Ramses Hilton

Besides that, you can always find budget lodges and homestays scattered throughout Egypt.

Transportation in Egypt

The transportation infrastructure in Egypt is in full swing as well. Road, rail, and airways all are well networked and maintained. So Egypt Transportation shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Most tour companies tend to take care of this part which take much workload off from you.

Safety in Egypt

Above all what is much of a concern for tourists is the safety of visitors that come into the country. The main reason for this is the terrorism activity and constant political violence. But contrary to that, the people of Egypt are extremely peace loving and hospitable. Just take the following precautions and you’ll be just fine:

  • Always watch out for emergency alerts.
  • Check with the government embassy and avoid any red zone areas.
  • Stay alert and avoid demonstrations and crowds.
  • Always travel with a comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Never break any local guidelines or warning signs.

So with the above knowledge, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision about how to plan your Egypt Tour. With that said, Egypt has a reputation of leaving its visitors in admiration with a longing of visiting this fascinating country one more time. So never miss any chance to go to Egypt. Remember, life is short, make the most of it.

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The Real Beauty Of Egypt Lies With Its Historical Significance

The historical significance is something that happened to somebody at some time in the long past and put good impact on the future generations to come. It is the history that sparked to every socio-economic and scientific development in the long past and the result is; now we are in the modern and civilised society. For example somebody designed a wheel somebody used it in a bullock cart and now we are driving the sophisticated cars in the metropolis. If you agree with this then the countries having the long and rich history must be socio-economically and scientifically more advanced than others and in this respect Egypt needs a very few introduction . Egypt home to one of the world’s first great civilizations have more ancient wonders than any other destination on the planet and centuries of exploration has kept the country still fresh. Planning a Historical Tour To Egypt would not be a bad idea for you in your next vacation.

historical tours in egypt

Egypt a country that is overflowing with archaeological treasures left by various invaders during their times of ruling would definitely make you puzzle while choosing where to go? A single journey to this land is not even sufficient to soak with a quarter of its beauty.  Almost all the visitors Travelling To Egypt want to immerse with the ancient beauty of Egypt proven to be the most interesting period in the history that date back to 6000 years ago when the human settlements started in the bank of river Nile known as the life line of Egypt. The real history of Egypt was started when the unification of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt was made and the power was centralised with one Pharaoh. Then after it became a cross road of civilisations and all those ruled over it left their historical footprint that made Egypt one of the oldest thriving destinations in the world to travel.

This article is going to reveal about some of the top ranking historical sites of Egypt which one should not miss on his Egypt Tour.

City Of Cairo

historical tours in egypt.png

The capital of Egypt: Cairo one of the craziest megacities in the world is both loved and hated equally by the tourists. It is because when it’s   sheer noise, pollution, and confusing traffic are not tourist friendly  the ancient treasures this region is possessing are awe-some and are the dream of every traveler to see them once. With Giza pyramids on its doorstep and the pyramids of Saqqara a stone throw away it is a dreaming place for all visitors. Besides the museum the mosques and the Madrassas are some of the historic monuments which bring international fame to Cairo. The historic Islamic Cairo and the Christian Cairo has the capability to captivate every body’s attention who would visit to this majestic land.

Egyptian Museum

historical tours in egypt.png

Antiquities preserved of historic or the pre-historic time tells about the culture and the way of life of the people living in that period. Such preservations always inspire the people of the present era to progress. The museum that hosts the Egyptian antiquities known as the Egyptian museum is one of the centres of attractions that no visitor to Egypt would ever desire to skip. The original collection was housed in Boulaq in late 19th century but later it was transferred to the current building at Tahrir Square which was built during the reign of Khedive Abbass Helmi II in 1897 and was opened on November 15, 1902. The current museum has the 107 halls which have been filled with various historic objects that would attract the interest of the visitors. The ground floor displays the objects for a chronological tour where as the upper floor are grouped according to tomb or category. This floor exhibits treasures of Tutankhamen, wooden models of daily life, statuettes of divinities, and a rare group of Faiyum Portraits with many of the New Kingdom royal mummies. You would have the sensational excitement while watching all those centuries back collections.

Pyramids of Giza

historical tours in egypt.png

Egypt is a land of magic and mysticism. And more mystic are its pyramids at Giza. Standing in a few miles away from the buzzing capital of Egypt, these are the most thriving attraction for the visitors from the overseas. Every Pyramid has a story, every wall of it has a specific design and you can mark the individualistic effort of the Roman, Greek and Arabic who ruled over Egypt time to time. Pyramids are fascinating and a camel ride through the panoramic view of these pyramids is truly a wonderful Egyptian experience. It is not only at Giza in Cairo Saqqara, also hosts some of the most ancient pyramids to the visitors although rubbed yet preserves much to attract the visitors. Now the pyramid of Unas is once again open to the public after much renovation in Saqqara and this is believed to be the first of the Pyramids in Egypt. The reopening of the Unas pyramid is part of a larger plan of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to open more archaeological sites to attract tourists.

Luxor And Nile Cruising

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The elegant modern accommodation that you would have on a cruising from Aswan to Luxor or Cairo to Luxor is the best in the world. During the Luxor And Nile Cruising you would also experience when the sun will be going down in the opposite of the red sea changing; the colour of the Nile River and the farmers will be returning with the loads to their homes when the cities like Luxor and Cairo will be dazzling with the lights along its bank and the ringing sound would be coming to you from the temples do you think that any other sailing can be more enjoyable than this on the planet? The ecstasy you would have here may not be found anywhere in the world.

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Cheap Holidays To Egypt – The Golden Trip To See The Ancient Wonders

The packages of Cheap Egypt Holiday by different travel agencies are offering you for a magical stay in a country like Egypt. The country Egypt is the main gateway to the whole African continent filled with ancient history, welcoming culture, spectacular sights and a climate that many countries cannot match. From striking Egypt Shore Excursions to intoxicating Egypt Nile Cruise the grandiose places of Egypt are just waiting to be discovered. Don’t get afraid because no longer the journey is arduous or expensive rather cheap and easier than ever. Now opportunities for Cheap Egypt Holidays are true for you.

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Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. You can have a magical holiday to these exotic locations, something that you’ll never forget. Just walk along the Pyramids Of Giza, the marvels of ancient past, an experience of diving in deep blue water of Nile And Red Sea, the camel riding at night in the Desert Safari, dance at the nightclubs, and after all the interaction with the most hostile local people. Cheap Egypt Holiday would give you an ecstatic taste of travel. Besides this, the brilliant capital is the home to the Egyptian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and most amazingly, Tutankhamen’s burial treasures which have always been the wonders for the world wanderers.

It is always beneficial to have a tour guide as history and information are the big parts in a tour. Tour operators frequently receive deep discounts from hotels and airlines and provide more efficient means of transportation within Egypt. This is the right time to turn your dream of Cheap Egypt Holiday into reality. They design the structure of your tour plan to make it more interesting and meaningful within your budget. You must feel free and homely during your Egypt Holidays with your guide.

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Just get out of your hectic life and plan for Cheap Egypt Holiday to enjoy the marvels of nature and the best combination of ancient and modern art and architecture which ensures that your trip will remain one of your golden memories for years to come. So stop your browsing here and book your Egypt Tours with us is so easy just click this link and choose your desired package and start travelling with us. Follow us Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.


Explore Egypt Classical Tour In A Single Expedition

The taste of the travelers has been changing over the years. While some want to immerse with nature, some want adventure and some want to date back to the history be more traditional in their quest on a tour. Many countries have been being explored for centuries but yet preserving the same traditional taste for which they are always remaining at the top of the bucket list of the most seasoned travelers. Such nations in African countries are countless. Each has their unique feature and offerings. But Egypt is a difference. It is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa to southwest corner of Asia and offering a blending flavor of nature, culture, and adventure. This is why it remains in the wallets of every traveler willing for an Egypt Trip.

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Discover the wonders of this ancient world with a private Egyptologist. Experience the land of the pyramids, pharaohs, mysterious tombs and temples, unfold the five thousand years of culture and Lake Nasser Cruises to have a different experience of romance. Plan an Egypt Classical Tours to immerse with the raw beauty of Egypt. The country is known for its grand history and historical leftovers, the reign of various invaders who left their art and craft that still influence to the life of the locals who have many things to offer for every class of traveler on A Classical Tour To Egypt. With regards to Egypt Travel Packages, it is basically a quest for antiquities the country is still holding since classical times. And the country would not harass you as it is an ancient land that is displaying a lot of historical monuments from tombs to temple. The Egyptian Festivals and the way of life they are leading are awesome to experience.

Egypt is a wondrous land and the most wonderful thing is that on your Trip To Egypt you must meet the visitors who will be traveling Egypt for more than 15 times. Every time they keep returning to see something new, some new tomb that has been recently uncovered or even places that they have heard other people talk about. If you are planning for the Egypt and Jordan Tour Package then don’t miss the grandiose sites, such as the Great Pyramids, Cairo, Abu Simbel or the west bank of Luxor. A very few we are briefing here that are not to be missed.

  • The Great Pyramids

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The striking beauty of Giza Pyramids at sunset is the unsurpassable beauty on the planet. Just imagine, you will be riding a horse around the Pyramids-the sun will be set down in the western sky spreading its reddish ray over the tops of these ancient epic monuments changing its hue and the cool breeze will be blowing from the desert. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR, as you will definitely want some photos to capture this rare scene of natural splendor. Avoid watching it behind the lens as the most spectacular Egypt Sightseeing can only be explored by watching the sun behind the pyramids. Rooftop in Giza is another ideal site to watch the Sunset gaze of the landscape.

  • Cruise On Nile

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Ever since Cleopatra and Julius Caesar honeymooned on the Nile, visitors to Egypt have been captivated by the beauty of this life-giving-river with its timeless landscapes and wealth of temples and tombs along its shores. If you are on a classical tour, you would have abundant opportunities to explore the great historical leftovers at different stop points along its bank. Egypt Nile Cruise, the longest river in the world connects to Luxor that is known as the open museum where you would date back to the time of pharaohs. The outstanding scenic view of river Nile at sunrise and sunset captivate all those cruises on it.

  • Visit The Mummies At Cairo

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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the largest museums entirely devoted to Egyptian Antiquity. Nearly 120,000 antiquities are exhibited, including mummies found in the 19th century. The methods treating the dead body that the ancient Egyptians used is called mummification. Egyptians probably began to mummify the dead intentionally. The practice continued and developed for well over 2,000 years, into the Roman Period and the best prepared and preserved mummies are from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Dynasties of the New Kingdom. Egyptian believes in the afterlife, so they mummify the bodies of their ancestors.

  • Diving In Egypt By The Red Sea

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Egypt is undoubtedly one of the best diving areas in the world. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed diver, a diving trip to Egypt is essential, a visibility often perfect, a specific blue, rich and varied reefs, myriads of fish, yellow, red, orange, Pelagic and sumptuous wrecks.

Basic Facts You Need To Know Before You Fly For Egypt:-

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Shopping can turn into a nightmare, although Egypt is a shopper’s paradise. Travel agents and guides in Egypt will invariably steer you to shops of their choice where you are over-charged and the guide walks off with a commission. This can be avoided if you do the shopping by yourself on your ‘free’ Day In Cairo.

Tipping is an exasperating aspect of touring Egypt. Everyone, from drivers, guides, to hotel managers blatantly hanker for tips, substantial tips. At the end of your cruise, hotel managers at ship hotels will unashamedly push an unmarked envelope towards you, asking you to deposit your tips in there, even if you have not asked for any extra service. Indians are at a disadvantage here as the tips expected are what the average European can pay. On the other side, stealing is almost non-existent.

Hotels can be a disappointment. A three-star hotel in Cairo has sparkling clean bathrooms and spotless sheets, but that’s where the favorable comparison ends with Indian three-star hotels. If you want four-star comfort, expect three-star comfort, and if you want luxury, go for the deluxe hotels.

Getting into the details of your itinerary is important because it ensures that you get adequate rest. There is plenty of walking (in the hot desert) to be done on any particular day, and it gets impossible to do if you are required to rise at 2 a.m., catch a flight, arrive at your destination at six a.m., leave the airport at seven a.m. and rush on to a full day of sight-seeing without being checked into a hotel.

The best time to visit Egypt is in winter, although any month except for May/June/July is fine. The nights are cool and even if you travel in April, you’ll need to take light woolens.

Everyone those planning vacation once in a year should plan for an Egypt Tour at least once in their lifetime. Egypt Classic Tours have always been awe-inspiring. With such a tour you would have the opportunity to explore from cities to remote and Egypt Desert Safari Tours to Egypt Shore Excursions. Unveiling the historical mysteries would remain exceedingly thrilling.

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Spend Your Vacation In Egypt With The Best Tour Operator

Are you wondering for a magnificent destination to make this New Year season excellent? Then why not choosing an Egypt Classic Tours? There are a lot of reasons to attract a huge crowd towards Egypt. They can come to be the evidence of this land’s amazing sightseeing, fashion, culture or atmosphere. In Egypt, everything is just excellent and makes it reasonably different from others. It is natural to fall in love with this place and never wish to go back within a short span of period. It is not easy to grab the actual sight of Egypt within a little duration, so book with the best tour operator who will make sure that you must have a wonderful Egypt Trip. Schedule your trip with more time, so that you won’t skip any destination.


The Most Prominent Reasons To Explore Egypt:-

Egypt is well known for its amazing architectural sight of pyramids of Giza. You must be acquainted with this phrase as it comes under the 7 wonders of the globe. This is only one fabulously beautiful country, which will never make you feel bored. Now the time has come to see them in real but how it will occur in a systematic way. You can book the best tour operator to overcome from all the barriers and make the acquaintance of the various flavor of sightseeing. Choose your tour operator wisely and enjoy your Egypt and Jordan Tours. They will help you to explore the facts of Egyptian destination in a great manner. A travel planner will help you to make your journey unforgettable for the lifetime.

Why Should You Hire The Best Tour Operator?

  • By hiring the best tour operator, you can get all kind of assistance relating to your expedition. The basic facts every Egypt visitor wish to know about Egypt are the best time to visit Egypt, best places in Egypt, astonish sights of Egypt, vibrant culture of Egypt, tradition and smooth transportation or flight facility to Egypt. The tour operator will take care of your genuine need in a cautious manner.
  • Egyptian people are friendly and hospitable in nature. So hiring the best tour operator, you can get a great team who will take you out of the mystification and conduct you in an elusive way.
  • The top-rated organizations seem crowdie due to its high demanding services and professional guides.
  • The tour guides have massive knowledge about the locality so that they can guide you through every step.
  • The best organizations rule is that they never dare to delay their client’s schedule and try their best to get back to you within a little length of time.
  • Not only this but also they serve you like chalk and cheese types of traveling services like luxurious Egypt Accommodations, delicious dishes, health tips and entertainment etc.

What are you waiting for? It is the perfect time to add additional shade to your life. For more discussion about your Egypt Day Tour, you can contact us Choosing us is a right decision to make your Egypt exploration memorable for the lifetime.