Are All The Egypt Tour Packages Affordable To Greet You An Amazing Travelling Experience?

Egypt Tour PackagesAre you getting confused concerning “where to go” and “what to do” during your foreign vacation trip? Stop being worried. Choose for Egypt, where the Egypt Tour Packages provide you the real pleasure of drifting. Egypt is rich in history and culture; there are huge numbers of ancient and historical sites that will give tourists the feeling of past Era where greatest civilizations ever created. Pyramids make the city popular in the region and the world. The best time to visit Egypt is August to November, during the climate remains neither too hot nor cold.

Egypt is known to have the best-renowned civilizations of the world. It is a land of natural beauty and antiquities; it attracts a large number of tourists all the year round. Egypt Tour Packages greet them a financial satisfaction not to be bullying in a foreign land.  Egypt is famous for its natural beauty Pyramids and magnificent temples are the greatest attraction of this place. This is a Holy Land and has a number of religious monuments. There is a lot for everyone in Egypt here you can choose to rest on the incredible Egypt Red Sea or Nile river and Nasser Lake. Egypt enjoys a strategic position and has a large variety of beaches, resorts, and cities giving you a memorable holiday. There is so much to see and do. Egypt Tour Packages offers you a sight seen of Pyramids of Giza, Karnak temple, Abu Simbel, hanging church when you start it. Cruise down the Nile River on a small yacht and laze in the sunshine enjoying delicious food. You take the helm or hop in the water for a quick swim and snorkel. Back on shore, Sand boarding, diving in the red sea, a camel ride is a definite must.

The whole Egypt Tour Packages provides a number of exciting places to visit as there are many wonderful attractions across the city like splendid mosques, lofty churches, impressive mausoleums, museums and beautiful citadels and houses. Where Cairo the capital city of Egypt is home to amazing hotels and wonderful restaurants, which are known to serve mouth-watering cuisines. Cairo has many places of fun and leisure; you can feel the warmness of modernisation by stepping in this land. Luxor attracts tourists in high numbers as here they can have fun in the theme parks. Aswan is another place of tourist attraction in Egypt, the mesmerizing beauty and captivating surroundings of Nasser Lake is just worth admiring.

Get most out of Egypt trip with Egypt Online Tours, a leading Travel Agent in Egypt, we offer wide ranged Egypt sightsee packages to travellers from all across the world. You do not have to worry about anything what to do and where to go etc. We will provide you not only the accommodation services, transportation but also gives you the best view of Egypt to come for us repeatedly. We also offer tailor made tour packages as per individuals wish. So drop a mail and give us the chance to serve you with our services.

Then do not get late. Book your Egypt Tour Packages now and go off track in the land of pleasures.

Can Egypt Cruise Packages Are The Best Pick To Spend Your Holiday In A Luxurious Manner?

Egypt Cruise Packages.jpg

Are you getting confused what to do in your long vacation? Then Egypt Cruise Packages are the best solution to your query. Cruise destinations are one of the top exciting factors for most cruisers. Almost anywhere there is navigable water, from oceans to rivers, you can find a cruise to fit your desires. Just as there are cars that fit every personality, the same can be said of cruise lines. Cruise lines can be divided into several broad categories such as small, medium and large ships or mainstream, premium and luxury classes.

The Red Sea beaches offer a good holiday experience by analyzing Egypt Cruise Packages. Exploring the Nile River is a lifetime experience, which gives you the dynamic view of Mediterrian Sea where you can prefer to view the sunset as well as sunrise as an ornamental view.  Cruising Nile is mainly linked with the sights of people around it and the economic activity of agriculture they practice. This is not all about the Nile the river has exotic surroundings, mysterious sites, and a beautiful scenery. You can take Nile cruises that help you explore and discover the beauty behind this river. Many cruises have onboard and shore guides that make the tour exciting. Most cruises take three to two weeks to be completed. You should plan for a long vacation trip to achieve all kind of services provided by the cruising. Visit the Valley of Kings, shopping malls and Temple of Karnak can be made in Luxor.

When we talk about family vacation into the Egypt Cruise Packages then it will be a perfect vacation to select. They must love cruising by getting Children’s programs, kid-friendly menus and tours of the ship will keep your children happy while affording you some time alone. In a cruising, you can have the accommodations of five stars hotels, with sun decks, dining rooms, lounges, fitness facilities, swimming pools, casinos and other entertainment. Accommodation, meals onboard, entertainment and special events are usually included in the cruise price while bar expenses, sauna, massage, laundry and cleaning, and phone calls are not. Most cruises have a variety of onboard and off-board activities. The whole trip Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities, cultural lectures, educational tours led by naturalists and historians or simply lounge by the pool and relax. At night, enjoy dance extravaganzas, musical revues, gaming or a quiet evening gazing at the stars.

Do not take any delay. Here Egypt Online Tours is ready to make your trip amazing and memorable by taking you in the accurate corridor. Here you can get your cruising packages for a cheap price that suits your budget. We are all set to book your Hotel and flights in advance and take the forwarding step to enjoy the beauty offered by this region.

Then get ready to enjoy your Egypt Cruise Packages, which offers a good and comfortable accommodation with a luxurious lifestyle for anyone.  Build your trip impressive with all facility it has to offer.

Why Lake Nasser Cruises Is An Incomparable Way To Experience Aswan And Abu Simbel?

Lake Nasser Cruises

Have you ever had a holiday in Egypt? Do you know Nile River and what it is to Egypt?  And do know about their cruise tourism?  Well, but that is not all. Apart from Nile cruise that is world famous; Lake Nasser Cruises have also made their name in making Egypt a dream destination. The largest manmade Lake Nasser built on Aswan High Dam is a perfect gateway to explore Abu Simbel. Enjoy the vast desert and exquisite temples ashore with slow pace and without getting crowded. To let you enjoy these stunning beauties, some of the temples are moved piece by piece. No wonder Abu Simbel is one of the popular places to visit.

Since we are talking about taking Lake Nasser Cruise, we should know the places we can explore. And at the top of that list is statues of Ramesses the Second, ancient Egypt’s most powerful king, guard the entrance to the great temple. Then comes the temples and next to it is a small temple dedicated to his wife Nefertari which was hauled up piece by piece next to the statues. Some careful bits are reassembled in their entirety above the waters. Apart from that Kalabsha Temple, the Kiosk of Kertassi and Beit El Wali, Wadi El Seboua Temple, the Temple of Meharakka, the Temple of Dakka, Temples of Amada and Derr, the Tomb of Penout and the Citadel of Kasr Ibrim are many places that can be included on these cruises. There are many ways to explore Abu Simbel but the only way you can get the full-frontal view of Abu Simbel is by cruise. Lake Nasser, the world’s third-largest reservoir is more like an inland sea and was created by blocking the Nile at the Aswan High Dam. No wonder, it is infinitely more peaceful than any other way.

Now that we have decided why we should be on Lake Nasser Cruises, let’s look upon on packages. All these cruises provide 4 days/ 3 nights or 5 days/ 4 nights packages based on your choice. Lounge and relax on board enjoy the sightseeing but don’t forget to explore Aswan and Abu Simbel. The only things you shouldn’t forget are your passport, comfortable shoes, sun block, sunglasses, hat and a camera. Now the lists of cruises available are:

  • MS Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise 
  • MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise Ship 
  • Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise Egypt 
  • Ms Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise 
  • MS Tania Lake Nasser Cruise Egypt 
  • Jaz Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise

So what are you waiting for? Take Lake Nasser Cruises and enjoy Egypt in a soothing and exquisite way. Egypt Online Tours brings you this new era of tourism and makes your dream destination a dream come true. The tour designers are expert in tailor making your vacation, according to your taste, budget and needs. The itinerary is planned carefully and arranged to your preferences.  With a team of professional employees with experience in tourism business & leisure, we strive to make your Egypt Cruise vacation an ultimate experience. So pack your bags, and get your dream vacation waiting for you to discover.

Petra Tour From Aqaba Port- An Exceptional Journey

Petra Tour From Aqaba Port

Enjoying an Egypt cruise trip and don’t want to miss the famous rock cut architecture city Petra on your way? Are you forgetting the window of Jordan, Aquaba Port? You can get Petra Tour From Aqaba Port and enjoy your day tour and return to your cruise trip later.  Isn’t it easy? We pick you from your ship terminal and drop you back by the end of the day. Take your time to find out why Petra is one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. Professional guides are here to give you a solid insight to the place and make your experience exceptional. The tours are flexible and tailor-made as to your preference and comfort.

Egypt is a dream destination but if you miss Petra along the way, it will come to haunt you forever. The 10 ten hour long shore excursion of Petra Tour From Aqaba Port starts from The Siq (canyon), the main entrance to the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan. The deep, narrow valley isn’t that long and you enter the famous Petra Treasury, (El-Khazneh) which a temple or a royal tomb. It is carved out of solid rock and is magnificent portico. Your next visit is to The Roman Theatre, capable of seating 8500, even more than the great theatre at Amman. The Petra tour ends with visiting The Royal Tombs and Qasr al-Bint or “Qasr al-Bint al-Faroun,” which means “The Castle of the Daughter of Pharaoh”.  The unbelievable sites come with a strong history behind which makes them so fascinating. Its beauty and architecture is mind numbingly brilliant.

Any Petra Tour From Aqaba Port provides transport to and from your ship terminals are air-conditioned with a professional driver and coaches have microphones and other fair sized coaches come with bathroom facilities. Wheelchairs and Scooters are available and assistance from staffs is given if required. The guides are provided are licensed and well chosen who come with your preferred language. You don’t need to worry about your visa entry with us. You can enjoy the tour with a horse ride in the canyon and return to your trip after lunch. The only thing you need to bring to enjoy the experience is a passport valid for 6 months, comfortable shoes, cotton clothes in summer, and warm clothes in winter, photo/video camera, sun block, sunglasses, and hat.

Egypt Online Tours gives Petra Tour From Aqaba Port daily. Be it a single person, couple, small or big family, friends or group reservation, we provide tours as required and make it comfortable and exceptional. We intend to make your journey to Petra an eye opening and terrific incident. The beautiful site is featured in so many movies as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Arabian Nights, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, The Mummy Returns, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen etc. and music such as Straight Out of Hell, Urban Species, War of Ages (Serenity album) in the track “Shining Oasis” etc. that has captured the hearts of millions. No wonder Petra is described as the inaccessible city by John William Burgon’s and been featured in many novels such as Last Act in Palmyra.


How The Hurghada Day Tours Bring Leisure In Your Weary Egypt Journey?

Hurghada Day Tours

Are you searching for a relaxing journey when you already plan for your trip to Egypt in your next vacation? Don’t search anymore because here is Hurghada, the only place to expose you healthy from all kind of pressure. It is an Egyptian city placed on the Red Sea coast where Hurghada Day Tours take you to live in the History of Egypt. Hurghada is quite small and normal fishing village. With this whole journey you’ll love the Arabic style sun beds and umbrellas for comfortably laying in the sun next to the beach. A trip to Hurghada takes the chance to swim with colour fish and journey en route to the deep sea seems like an additional gift of the earth.

As we are acquainted that Egypt is a hot country the temperature level always seems high. The sights of Egypt not only consist of the deserted sand dunes but also the tortoise water lines among the white sand beaches with beautiful reel cliffs. If you take pleasure in complimenting the desert, so you will start one of Hurghada Day Tours by driving to visit Pyramids, Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum and enjoy Bedouin village. Hurghada is famous for the beautiful coral reefs and beaches Along with some of the best deep-sea diving and snorkelling in the world. The place has its own identity as hosting the aquatic sports facility like many diving competitions since 1950. Now-a-days it is known as the most famous dive city in the world.

Don’t forget the opportunity to enjoy Egypt’s famous archaeological sites in your Hurghada Day Tours. Don’t forget to go for a visit to Dahar bazaar which gives you the experience of shopping for Egyptian goods. Egypt is a land of Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple as well as a vast desert named as Sahara desert. Magawish Island is the ideal place to familiarize Hurghada’s rich colorful corals and fishes and Sharm ei Naga is well known for its anemone and clownfish. A calm relaxing beach resort, fine dining, vibrant night life, local cultural activities or adventure trips makes the Hurghada trip more vibrant.

Here is the time to stop browsing and get ready for the relaxing Hurghada Day Tours by booking with Egypt online Tours. We are ready to serve with the best kind of hospitality from arrival to departure. You can choose any of our suggested Tours in Hurghada to explore the natural beauties of the beaches as well as deep seas. We are offering a world class tours services in the land Egypt by exploring all the beauties and mysterious of the pyramids. Our driver-guides are always ready to give you the idea about the locality and historical monuments without any language barrier.

Are You Planning For Egypt Wheelchair Tours To Explore More Than Wings?

Egypt Wheelchair ToursAre the traveling matters to only able persons? Is Egypt the only country providing the Egypt Wheelchair Tours to facilitate the disables to explore its land, rich with history, nature, culture and hospitable residents? Say, before 50 years back, exploring a foreign land on wheel chair was almost impossible or formidably difficult. But now the scenario has changed due to the modernization of science and technology. Might it be Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Greenland, and no matter which corner of the world you dream of exploring, the wheel chair tour facilities are well facilitated to every part of the world. No part of the world is out of reach for disables that even can’t walk.

Egypt, commonly known as “The Motherland of the World,” “Land of Civilizations” and “The Greatest Power in Human History,” is reputed worldwide for its distinct 7,000-year-old record of civilization and the immense wealth of knowledge. Plan for an Egypt Wheelchair Tours to explore such a land with awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to survive, the valley of deaths, the river Neil , Cairo city , the national museum and much more , the country is famous for. We use all possible innovative technologies for the visitors on Egypt Wheelchair Tours to make their tour enjoyable and comfortable.

How We Are Organizing The Egypt Wheelchair Tours?

  • Persons on wheelchair tour are received with a spacious van along with their wheelchair or (a chair from us) in a spacious van which seems to be fit for himself and his companions.
  • All such vans carry tow of our staffs to help the wheels moving, whenever is required.
  • Our staffs are skillfully trained to carry the wheelchair uphill or downhill. Even if in loading and unloading in an aircraft.
  • We plan the special itinerary for the visitors on wheelchair so that they would be able to explore all the Egyptian treasures.
  • They would simultaneously take care of the companion of the visitors.
  • Some tour operators also offer medical insurance facility for such visitors.
  • A disable one of every age and sex can avail this tour.
  • The charge is comparatively normal for these people. For example: to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the step pyramids of Sakkara- 679.00$, Nile Cruise trip From Luxor to Aswan- 275.00$ etc.

logoIf you are planning for Egypt Wheel Chair Tours, then we the Egypt Online Tours , a local company organizing various tours and travel to Egypt. We have the skilled and experienced man power, modern and specifically designed vehicles, hospitable and clinically educated staffs to make your tour successful. We always pay more importance to the comfort and safety of these visitors. Come and explore this fascinating land with us to have an unforgettable experience in a life time.

Is Bahariya Oasis Tour All About Nature And Culture?

Bahariya Oasis TourWe really could not understand why our friend had planned for Bahariya Oasis Tour on his next vacation? Visiting Egypt is enough. Have the country endless offerings for every class of visitors? On asking to him, he quoted, “It is scenic, mysterious and dreadful.” In the middle of a harsh, expansive desert, Bahariya oasis is a relief from the dry sands of Egypt. Natural springs dot the oasis floor, shaded by date palms and fruit trees overhead. The black hills surrounding it are filled with quartz, and the lands contain several impressive ruins — including the Temple of Alexander the Great. A nice place to combine horror with nature.

All through your Baharia Oasis Tour you would remain thrilled. Excavations have revealed thousands of ancient Egyptian mummies here, with more to be discovered.  An estimate reveals that the four-mile strip of desert holds 5,000 – 10,000 mummies. The mummies are covered with a thin layer of gold and wearing gypsum masks. ‘Valley of the Mummies’, Painted churches and tombs are some of the draw cards that excite visitors to step in to this land. The oasis is provided with water by many springs. The most famous of these, a thermal spring with medicinal and restorative properties, comes out in the Bedouin village of Bawiti. Wildlife is plentiful here especially birds. The remains of the civilizations that once dwelled here give an incredible sense of time and history to the visitors.

Things to do on your Baharia Oasis Tour

  1. Visit White Desert of Egypt, a National Park and World Heritage Site. You can enjoy a roast chicken in the sand, for dinner, folk music (hopefully), and also a huge amount of stars, a magnificent sunset that paints a thousand colours on the rocks, and a spectacular sunrise.
  2. Find the formation of pure quartz among the basalt stones find this formation of pure quartz among the basalt stones.
  3. Visit the refreshing hot and cold springs of Bahariya Oasis, the Black Desert, the sparkling Crystal Mountain, the lovely Agabat Valley.
  4. Go for sand-boarding. Mountain Dist, Maghrafa and Ghurabi are some of the surrounding hills which form the best sand dunes for really unforgettable delightful moments in the desert.
  5. Talk to the locals to know the interesting stories about the creation of this oasis which has been a major hot spot of Egypt.

If you want to plan for your Bahariya Oasis Tour, then you need to mail us the Egypt Online Tours the No. 1 local tour agency to give your desert tour an ecstatic color. We have our guides who keep good knowledge on the sightseeing and describing the history of the land that is fascinating. The good accommodation, nature, and history everything would satisfy you. Just drop us a mail. We would mesmerize you with our world class service.

Want To Find Egypt Shore Excursions For A Great Relaxed Vacation?

Are you arriving at a port in Egypt as part of your cruise? Maybe you are thinking of booking Egypt Shore Excursions while your cruise is docked in Egypt? Iconic sights, awe-inspiring scenery, and compelling local cultures – each port of call is brimming with exciting possibilities. One may choose to relax on the incredible Egyptian port or even leisurely float down the Egyptian Nile on a luxurious river boat. So Egypt Shore excursions are ideal for those arriving on overseas cruise boats and want to make the most of their day in Egypt.

If you are stopping at Alexandria port, Port Said, Safaga port, Ein Sokhna port or any other Egyptian Port or Aqaba Port, enjoy a unique opportunity to explore the fabulous attractions of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor or any nearby city with Egypt Shore Excursions. With Egypt Shore Excursions, if you are sailing on a cruise, stopping at any port in Egypt for a few hours or a whole day, the tour operators will offer you a variety of different shore excursions. Select your shore excursion from Alexandria port shore excursions, Port Said port shore excursions, safaga port shore excursions or even Sokhna port shore excursions and get the ultimate satisfaction from your stay at Cairo.

Have a wonderful Egypt Shore Excursions and get something amazing! Alexandria Shore excursions offer the trip from Alexandria Port to the most historical cities Cairo & Alexandria, you will have the chance to enjoy visiting Giza Pyramids, Memphis, Saqqara, Dahshur, Al Alamein also you can visit Alexandria sightseeing. Port Said Shore Excursions will make your quick trip unforgettable one, you will enjoy visiting the most attractive places in Giza & Cairo from Port Said, Pyramids of Giza, and Sphinx etc. Enjoy Safaga Shore Excursions and you will see the Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple, also the West Bank in Luxor where located the Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens, Queen Hatshepsut. You will enjoy every moment during our Shore Excursion from Sokhna Port. Start Sokhna Port Tours to discover all the secrets of Egyptian history from Egypt Ports to Cairo and its sightseeing. Start Aqaba Port Shore Excursions to enjoy the best Trips to Petra Jordan from Aqaba Port, the most fantastic touristic sightseeing of Jordan; Petra City, an important historical town that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vacanze EgittoEgypt Shore Excursions and port trips, MAESTRO ONLINE TRAVEL EGYPT offer you a wide range of Egypt tours and shore excursions from Egyptian ports. We give you the opportunity to have wonderful excursions various places of attractions from ports. Enjoy the wonderful tours and shore excursions from Egyptian ports with us!

Egypt Shore Excursions is the best trip to visit the nearby cities of Egypt which are closer to sea with luxury ships. This provides an exciting charm, so start it to get the real trip!

Have You Ever Take Egypt Tour Packages To Find The Real Ancient Flair??

Planning your tour to a land where history has its own flair and where you can have a look at glorious past of one of the best civilizations? There are numerous areas in the land of Egypt that can offer picturesque views and make your heart filled with joy. Book one of the Egypt Tour Packages and fly to the Arab Republic of Egypt, one of the most historic lands one will ever set foot on. Teeming with remains of prehistoric empires, huge mosques, city ruins, and amazing holy sites, Egypt is one of the most important countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Looking for unique experiences, rich cultures, impeccable cuisines, great entertainment and fantastic destinations? Egypt is the best. A dynamic city rich in contrast and colour has something to offer to every traveler. Popularly known as the ‘land of pyramids and mummies’, the ancient country is home to some spectacular marvels. Besides the colossal and stunning monuments of the Ancient Egypt, encounter many with your Egypt Tour Packages which includes the great Nile River, the mighty Pyramids of Giza and the grand Sand Safari, the source of attraction for tourists all across the globe.

Ready to explore the wonders of Egypt with Egypt Tour Packages? Egypt is a place where there is ample land that is sparsely inhabited. As you plan out for Egypt Tours don’t miss out to check out some of the most fascinating and breathtaking tourist spots like

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Pyramids of the Sphinx
  • Karnak Temples
  • Alexandria National Museum
  • Luxor Temple
  • The Roman Amphitheater
  • Siwa Oasis
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Sinai Mountain
  • Abu Simbel
  • Felucca on the Nile
  • White Lagoon
  • Bibliotheca Alexandria
  • White Desert
  • Nubian Museum of Aswan
  • Hurghada
  • Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

Before travelling to Egypt, think of the Egypt Tour Packages and choose a travel agency who has credibility, experience and good professionalism on Egyptian tourism. One of the most trusts worthy travel agency is MAESTRO ONLINE TRAVEL EGYPT. Our design team of experts is always pleased to assist you with your special tour requests and provide any information you want. Our travel experts will plan the itinerary with you and when you are satisfied, we will place it in a selected location on the web so all the group participant can review or print it whenever they wish. Our Egypt tour packages provides a unique opportunity to travel back through time to find yourself immersed in ancient Egyptian history, where you can enjoy captivating and customized experiential tours of the mythical Egyptian monuments. Choose us as we are ready to help you to plan your dream holiday to Egypt.

Cairo Tours From Hurghada

Egypt is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations in the world. There are many things that make Egypt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world which make it extremely necessary for every visitor to avail Egypt Tour Packages.

Why Consider Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday To Explore The Magical Mystery?

A holiday to Egypt isn’t just all about history, however many people visit this wonderfully exciting country for holiday. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has been described as the city with a thousand minarets. A Nile River Cruise during your Egypt holiday can be a memorable experience. It is also possible to have a combination of history and leisure during your extreme Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday and many people will choose to visit the sites of antiquities and museums for one part of their holiday to Egypt and spend the other part relaxing or pursuing leisure activities.

Experience Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday to Visit the pyramids of Giza, the sphinx, Egyptian museum, Khan el Khalili bazaar. Then, fly to Luxor to embark on a 5 star Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. See impressive ruins and beautiful scenery along the Nile Cruise journey. Cairo and Nile Cruise Holiday Package starts and ends in Cairo, Egypt. Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo before transferring to Luxor and boarding your Nile Cruise Ship and explore the ancient sites of the New Kingdom. This city – the crossroads of the ancient world – is where old and modern meet in a seething populace that makes Cairo the original city that never sleeps.

Holidays, vacations in Cairo and enjoying Nile cruise in Egypt is a dream of every adventure lover. Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday will allow you to savour all that this exciting city and enchanting river has to offer. Cairo and The Nile Tour by Air and boat is a delightful Egypt itinerary visiting Cairo’s ancient historical sights including the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza and Egyptian Museum, then fly to Aswan looking down on the desert and beautiful green Nile Delta to embark on your Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor for a fantastic Nile Cruise journey including excursions to the sights of delightful Nubian Aswan to Luxor, (Ancient capital of Thebes) and Valley of the Kings.

MS Grand Sun - 5MAESTRO ONLINE TRAVEL EGYPT is a local trusted travel agency to design your Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday program according to your taste and budget. With this in mind, we have put together a range of guided tour packages that cover a wide variety of places in Egypt and include visits to Cairo and Nile Cruises. Whatever your holiday interests, we are sure one of our Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday packages will suit you.

Travelling has now become a passion for the people and Egypt travel places provide something for everyone. So make the choice of Cairo And Nile Cruise Holiday according to the affordability and get the most from your travel.